Are your domes stronger and more durable than other glamping domes?

At Luna Glamping, our domes are built to last. Our standard domes feature the thickest galvanized steel framework and largest diameter tubing on the market. Expecting hurricane-like winds or prairie blizzards? We even offer frame upgrades that increase your wind and snow loads.

Where do you ship?

We will ship our domes anywhere worldwide however the costs vary significantly depending on the size of dome and accessories included. The purchaser is responsible of all associated duty and taxes associated with the order. Our shipping prices are only an estimate and once you are ready to place your order we can provide a detailed shipping quote.

How much does it cost to ship my dome?

The purchaser is responsible of all associated duty and taxes associated with the order. Our shipping prices are only an estimate and once you are ready to place your order we can provide a detailed shipping quote.

Do you have a payment plan?

Our terms are comprised of a 50% payment deposit at the time your order is placed followed by the balance payment.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We always try to have generic domes and accessories in stock. If you are really excited to get your dome and are not too fussy about the color etc. we can normally ship within a week. If you are interested in specific colors and custom options our production schedule is 4-6 weeks followed by shipping and potentially importing timelines.

Will Luna Glamping build my dome?

We offer step by step instructions to put together all of our domes which are very easy to follow and with the help of a few friends the dome will take shape in a matter of hours. However, if required we do offer on site support with associated travel costs and day rates which you can enquire about upon placing your order.

Do I require mechanical support to build my dome?

All of our domes 8M (26’) and below are easily assembled requiring basic tools, a couple ladders and some helpful friends. Any larger domes may require you to seek additional support for construction.

Does Luna Glamping sell replacement covers?

All individual pieces of the domes can be purchased separately including the covers. Please contact for any questions regarding additional hardware or covers.

What is the best way to construct my dome?

We recommend starting dome construction from the bottom and working your way to the top ring by ring as per the directions. You want to keep most of your connections hand tight allowing the dome to remain moveable as you build your way up. Once you reach the top you can begin to tighten the connections all the way down. As you make a connection we recommend highlighting the installed tubing on the instruction diagram so you prevent any confusion on which connection to make next.

How is a connection made?

Each piece of tubing is measured, constructed, and stamped with a number as well as a hole in each end for a specific location on the dome. Each connection will have a washer placed on each side with a bolt running through which is secured by a nut screwed on the opposite end.

Can you run power and utilities to the domes?

Yes, normally customers run utilities up through the floor of the dome or through any walls they have constructed within the dome.

What is included with the dome? Is there flooring?

The basic dome is comprised of the steel structure, PVC water tight cover and framed doorway which you can add a pre hung door from us or mount your own door. We do not include flooring or a support kit with the dome but we do have plans and vast experience to share depending on your vison.

How is the dome heated?

We offer a stove jack which can be mounted to the dome frame to direct flue gasses safely outside of the dome. We recommend pellet stoves for their longer burn times but all heat mediums will work including wood stove, electric, radiant and on.

Does Luna Glamping offer A/C

We do not offer A/C units however we do offer and highly recommend the solar powered fans to promote air flow through the dome which will assist in preventing stagnant air and mildew. If you plan to add A/C we recommend mini split units which have been widely used and proven efficient for our domes.

Is there ventilation in the dome?

Yes, each dome comes standard with exterior vents depending on size of the dome. These vents help with air flow and prevent condensate formation.

What is the interior of the dome comprised of?

The dome is exactly that, a dome. The inside of the dome is open to whatever vision you decide to create.

How is the dome secured to the ground?

With every dome there are “feet” included for the bottom “nodes” or connections. These feet have pre drilled holes to attach to whatever base you choose.

Are there zoning constraints related to the domes?

Our dome structures are not the same as a conventional home and will not have the same specs. We can provide structural analysis for each of our domes which will meet your country or locations requirements for wind and snow load. Better Yet! We have an engineer on staff that is qualified in various provinces and countries through North America who can also provide the required stamp to place your units wherever you like.

How strong are the dome frames?

We offer the strongest base level framework on the market. All domes 9m and under are built with galvanized steel pipework measuring 2mm x 32mm and all domes 10m and up are built with pipework 2.5mm x 42mm. All domes have a downloadable engineering study located on their corresponding page identifying the wind and snow loads they are acceptable for. If you need additional strength upgraded framework is available.

What if I want a refund on my order?

Although it is doubtful you will want to return your dome once you receive it we will proved a refund if required. The shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser and a 50% restocking fee will also be forfeited.

Is there a warranty on Geodesic Domes?

Yes. All Luna Geodesic domes come with a 2 year warranty on the cover and a 5 year warranty on the framework.

Can my warranty be voided?

Yes, all warranties are void if the dome is not unpackaged and inspected within 90 days of delivery.

Is there a warranty on Bell Tents?

Yes. All Luna Bell Tents come with a 2 year warranty.

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