Nature’s perfect structure.

What is a Geodesic Dome?

A place to watch the sunset over the lake or laugh with friends under a covered natural sanctuary, geodesic domes are an unforgettable setting to unwind.

The style has evolved from ancient huts to modern architecture, but the dome’s essence as a unique and creative structure remains.

Breathe nature into your space through large windows that seamlessly marry the indoors and the outdoors. Sleep under the stars in the comfort of your own bed and wake up to the sunrise in comfort and warmth.

A steel frame built of interlocking triangles creates force throughout the dome to form a durable structure reminiscent of cathedral tops and planetariums.

Simply put, a geodesic dome is nature’s perfect structure.

Based on the geodesic polyhedron, geodesic domes are hemispherical thin-shelled structures able to withstand heavy rain, gale-force winds, and Canadian winters.

What are the advantages of a Geodesic Dome?

Geodesic dome homes are so much more than a conversation piece. Regardless of how your dome home appears in your dreams, these eco-friendly structures are good for your heart and wallet.


Built with a hot-dipped galvanized steel frame, domes are as durable as they are affordable. This has helped the dome become one of the strongest housing alternatives.

Four Seasons

With options for insulation and chimney stoves available, these easy-to-build structures can withstand winters in the tundra, summers in the desert, and everything in between. And, with the eye-catching hemispherical design, there’s less home to heat and cool saving you money all year-round.


Built to be moved and removed as you need, even our largest domes can be put together and taken down in a day with the help of a few friends, making dome homes one of the most portable temporary or permanent residences available.

What are the advantages of a Geodesic Dome?

Whether you’re crafting a unique and welcoming guest house, creating an Instagram-worthy retail space, or starting an elegant eco-resort, geodesic domes attract attention, and people will covet a stay in your creation.

Here’s how our clients have put their new domes to work.

Glamping Tents



Hotels & Resorts

Backyard Gazebos

Events & Exhibitions

Sports Events

Vacation Properties

Easy Dome Kit Assembly

If you’ve ever assembled a bookshelf from a furniture store, you can put together a geodesic dome. Even our largest domes are easy to assemble in as little as eight hours—just grab a wrench, a Phillips head screwdriver, a knife, and a few friends.

And, if you need it, assembly support is always available.

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